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Is Online Advertising Effective?

| Advertisement | January 4, 2011

By Alexandra Cazacu

Web-based advertising goes beyond traditional promotion methods and makes successfully use of all technological devices. It is considered an easy-going process, less laborious in contrast with TV commercials or outdoor advertising which require important financial resources. Online advertising is less restrictive; it simply breaks time and location boundaries. Happening online, advertising should become a truly effective method to promote successfully either services or products. Below, you may discover the most outstanding benefits of online promotion:

· real-time access

In comparison with TV or radio commercials, online ads are always there as long as the owner has paid for this service. A website visitor might visualize anytime the content because internet access is not scheduled or settled as for traditional radio or TV commercials.

· non-aggressive advertising method

Online visitors can decide whether they agree or not with full visualization of the advertisements. Online advertising has been developed as on-invasive promotion technique. Initially, prospective customers see just a short message and possibly, they might see the entire content. The first message is extremely condensed in order to grab visitor’s attention and interest. The majority of websites asks visitors permission to deploy ads or to broadcast commercials.

· cost-effective production

Web-based broadcasting tools allow advertising agencies to fully explore creativity and graphic design techniques with lower budgets.

Online advertising seems to have a greater impact than traditional promotion because it might be connected to online shopping; therefore, if you are truly interested in the products or services a particular website advertises, then, there are great chances to buy immediately that product. We might say that online commercials take advantage of online shopping.

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